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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  April 14, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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and could it be the warmest easter sunday in decade? i think so. but sue says that there is a chance you can never rule out a little rain shower for the holiday weekend. good day, everybody. >> is what up. >> is what up, lauren. >> what is up on this good friday. >> well, i'll tell you this, this sunday we will have the easter parade, i will go to the one on south street. let's play some of the easter parade, it is one of my favorite movies. crank it up. >> ♪ >> lauren and i being sophisticated as we are, didn't wear bright easter egg colors today, likees from a stair and judy gar land. >> we didn't. >> we went with black and white and we didn't call each other. >> you are sort of gray.
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>> gray, i have black shoes, black belt do you want to see my black belt. >> nobody wants to see that. >> that would be sue serio. >> you have the same dress. >> mine has no sleeves. >> i noticed. i opted for the sleeved version. we don't call each other. we looked at each other and went. >> so does bob kelly have a black and white tuxedo on. >> the penguin will be in moment trily just to be our mascot in the morning. but anyway, i got my button straight here, because if you like yesterday, spring-like temperatures we're a chilly start this morning, buddy also in black and white. go with the theme. some of our suburbs are in the 40's this morning look at this , presunrise, 6:24 is the official time, 50 degrees, little breeze out there, other temperatures, 45 in trenton. forty-three in allentown, in the 30's to the north of us,
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mount pocono and hazelton. 50 degrees in philadelphia, 49 in cape may. our high temperature today, not dissimilar from yesterday 67 degrees, seasonal once again but what a warm up we had in store for easter sunday we will talk about that moment trily, bob kelly. >> you got it, sue, i got black arm on with you i popped easter purple in there as well good morning, everybody. getting ready, for holiday weekend this guy getting a little push off of i-95 at girard avenue, getting him out of the travel lane there as we get ready on i-95. i think we will have a lighter than normal rush hour. kid are off from school here this morning. no problems at all, up and over the area bridges. i will step aside because i think i have the wrong clicker , i hate when that happens. mike, does that ever happen to you. >> what happened? >> you have the wrong clicker. >> no, it happened to me last
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saturday night. >> i got to bring in the backup clicker. >> all right. >> north on the freeway, we have any toward walt whitman a little pocket here and there but we will be okay today. turnpike, blue route, 42 freeway no problems there. the kerr cup regatta coming to town, you will see families and boats arriving here along kelly drive later today and closed to vehicle traffic through the weekend. we have lane restrictions continuing. keep this in mind in the city for easter parade, doing some visiting, kelly drive, restricted here behind the parkway, spring garden street closed, anybody living in the neighborhood there and you have family coming over for easter make sure they are aware of the lane restrictions and parking restrictions, around the art museum and septa has three buses there, all on the detour. flying out of town for the holiday weekend you are good to go at philly international, mike and lauren, back to you. it is 6:03 on this friday good friday. new this morning out of stray bring mansion a man is dead after an early morning
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shooting on the west sergeant street, police say that there was a fight at a nearby bar that spilled into the street. no word if the victim was involved. police are looking at surveillance video right now gathering more information. >> police are also investigating shooting last night in wynnewood, delaware count that i happened just before 10:30 on the 300 block of law head avenue one person was taken to the hospital in, word on their injuries. video, very hard to watch, it shows a brutal beating, captured, yet gannon cell phone video and posted on line for world to watch. steve keeley in hunting park with the very latest on this investigation, hi there, steve >> reporter: we have got daylight now, lauren as opposed to the first two hours talking to you and we can see the carnival now and see how bigot is. you can also see where it is, right across whittaker street from the all lit up, philadelphia police district's 24, 25 and east detective
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division. we showed you how close everything is, because this happened at the carnival at closing time tuesday night at 10, as this 15 year-old boy taking out his 16 year-old girlfriend on their first date are getting pick up by her step mom on the street here and these people out on the street, attacking them un provoke for no reason but just for fun to videotape an attack, stumping on her head as this girl is beaten on the ground. her glasses get smashed. you can see she has a neck brace on right now bandages all over perfect body, a swollen black eye and then the boyfriend comes to her defense and how sad do you feel for him? shrivelry ace live for this poor kid, his face gets bloodied as he is pummeled from all angles as well. they end up spending the night in the hospital at the end of their first date and these teens not seeing headlines down in delaware, just yesterday, in fact, how about that, girls convicted for pummeling another girl and video taping it and getting
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convicted of that killing, that was making headlines for a year now but apparently these people that did this here in philadelphia, didn't learn from the lesson down in dell wear. >> all right. >> we will learn more about that carnival, you know, on the first date. >> dealing with that and get beat up. more on that in just a second. we have to get back to the main story in our country and now around the world, afghan officials say u.s. attack using the so-called mother of all bombs has resulted in the deaths of at least 36 isis fighters. >> and the bomb was dropped in the tunnel complex used by isis in the eastern region of the country near pakistan border. sabina kuriakose joins us live from the news room with much more, hi there sabina. >> reporter: just one week after u.s. bombed syria the trump administration is once again flexing the country's military might, this time, in
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afghanistan, and in its cross hairs isis fighters with the defense department officials say have built up a network of caves and tunnels to house and bury and carries ammunition. this video is from the u.s. military of the testing of the bomb, not the actual drop itself. this bomb again is the largest ever used by the u.s. military , just shy of a nuclear weapon. mother of all bombs as you guys mentioned gets its nickname from the initials, massive ordinance air blast, it explode in the air creating enough pressure to wipe out infrastructure and kill human target. so why use it now? well, local experts that we spoke with here in our city says the administration is sending a message that the u.s. will act, quickly, and with purpose keeping enemies guessing. but they say use of force must always be strategic. >> we have the greatest military of the world. they have done a job, as usual we have given them total
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authorization and that is what they are doing. >> this is first time this bomb has been used in warfare. if you take this along with the strike against assad's base in syria you see that the president is intent on not threatening u.s. pilots or troops on the ground and if he can hit you from the air, he will. >> one of the dangers here we know trump administration argued they should unleash military lower standard on civilian casualties. we don't have have enough information to know whether this caused civilian casualties but that un tethering of the military and saying just go fight these wars, is a serious problem for the you had. >> reporter: a lot of discussion and opinions being discussed right now. this morning we have a map, to give an idea of the sheer power of this bomb. so, bomb has a 1 mile radius, superimposed out on a map like philadelphia city hall and we have an area that covers everything from the schuylkill , to the delaware river, and from fairmount to
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washington avenue. but remember of course mountains of afghanistan not nearly as densely populated as a city like ours. again this morning afghan officials telling thaws while villagers described hearing the bomb blast for miles away they say no civilians were hurt among 36 isis fighters the bomb took out, guys, back to you. it seems like a perfect use of this bomb which we have had since what 2003 but haven't used it. lets get back to some other news here at 6:09. lucky to be alive. moment bullets come within inches of taking a little girls life inside of a barber shop. nfl loses an off the field icon long time steelers owner dan rooney pass is a way, a look back at how he change the game. >> well, he sure did.
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when you talk bay close call, lauren johnson, police in arizona released this footage now showing a little girl, narrowly escaping tragedy. she avoided bullets, that were fired into a barber shop where she was playing at the time, wow, the shots were fired, according to police, shooter pulled trigger second after she sat down in that chair. bullets pierced the glass about head level for her, two arrests have been made in connection to that shooting, wow. all right.
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secret service agents fired why their former boss say they put the president's security at risk. sometimes you just can't understand, bob the thinking process of some people especially as secret service agent. 6:12. go for a ride, southbound i-95 bucks county bensalem northeast philadelphia looking good and lets go down the shore, ready, as oh, ah, picture of the morning, as we look live, from atlantic city, sueby has your easter bunny forecast when we come right back.
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♪ at 6:15, wow, it is purple and pinky the sunrise here, this is girard point, right? girard point bridge? nice. nice, nice, nice. so we have a beautiful start to the day, what about the rest of he holiday weekend? well, let's check every day starting with today high of 67 e sixty-six on saturday. is there peter cotton tail. easter sunday our temperature spikes up to 84. there is a warm front coming through on saturday and we will see cloud from that and then things will get heated up by sunday. we will see that disturbance we showed you earlier, nothing
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going on with that, drying up and most didn't even make it to the ground, just a lot of cloud cover around and now we will look at future cast for rest of the weekend and as we always say can't rule out a shower. it looks like north and west of the city a shower or two saturday but sunday night a cold front comes through and this could spark a few thunderstorms and it will happen, hopefully after all your festivities are finished on easter sunday egg hunt and everybody else with 84 degrees , lieutenant of folks outside and a lot of folks will be grilling outside easter sunday but at night pop up showers and thunderstorms, they should be finished by a time good day gets started monday morning. temperatures in the 40's right now. 67 degrees our high today. sixty's tomorrow. we told but warm temperatures on easter. after that easter monday we have got 72 degrees and a mixture of sun and cloud. chance of showers both wednesday, and thursday, and of next week, that is your seven day forecast. >> really, outside on easter, i hope nobody asks me to grill
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because my grill is in no shape to be cooking out there. good morning everybody. 6:17. live look at route 202, good morning to chester county as sun arrives, over the king of prussia mall there in the background, ben franklin bridge, looking good little windy, old glory getting a work out coming up and over camden toll plaza route 322 down to one lane at times with that new construction zone between route one all the way down to i-95. that is one exam on. this holiday weekend, out and about maybe going to grand moms or aunt sally's where we have not been for about a year or so. there is all new traffic patterns. every roadway is under construction. just be careful and pay attention to the lane restrictions. coming into center city or anybody in the spring garden section or northern liberties keep in mind make sure your gets know coming over about the lane restrictions around the parkway as they get ready for the nfl draft this weekend , today and tomorrow we are welcoming folks coming
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into philadelphia for kerr cup regatta. see big boats coming in and families along the kelly drive , that is closed to vehicle traffic through the weekend. so all that extra volume will be pushed over on to the schuylkill expressway, mike and lauren, back over to you. okay, bob, you have to see this developing story out of las vegas. check out the video more than 70 fire fighters have to battle a hotel fire on the vegas strip. >> my goodness. >> thinks roof of the bellagio hotel late last night. >> i have stayed there. that is a beautiful hotel. it remind me of the borgata same kind of theme, artwork inside. >> it took an hour to get under control. strip was shut down because of it. but no one was injured. that is good news. >> okay. we put up a footage from a story coming up, there is a new wrinkle to that story. police in atlanta say a shooting at a train station yesterday appears to be a targeted isolated incident. police video shows aftermath
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of the shooting, one person dead, three others hurt, shooter got on the train, and then randomly started firing at passengers, just as the evening rush began, and the suspect has been arrested. now to the united airlines story, an update. >> chicago department of aviation grilled representatives from the united airlines yesterday over that incident that involves a man violently dragged off the plane. >> this is as passengers attorney, the doctor, doctor doa's attorney announced he is planning to file a lawsuit and yet, there is more. >> he says he is now recovering from a severe concussion. >> wow. >> knocked out teeth. >> a broken nose and damage sinuses. his legal team filed a motion to protect and preserve evidence needed for a lawsuit. his family spoke out for the first time yesterday. >> we were horrified and shocked and sickened to learn what happened to him and to see what had happened to him. >> if you are going to eject a
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passenger, under no circumstances can it be done with unreesenable force. >> in response to the incident united says they are noting -- they will put new guidelines in place. by end of the month they will address how to handle over booked flights and how to handle passengers and treat them better. >> just about every airline over books. i heard jet blue does not. have you heard that, bob? jet blue does not over book but that has been the case, since airlines started. i know members of the congress and d.c. want to change that over booking idea. we will see. well, simpson's new look at this, simpson's doesn't gangs the show predict this united airlines incident, in in an episode that is back to 1994. new listen closely, and we have to play it twice. tension passengers due to our policy of over selling flights, this flight has been over sold.
6:21 am
in accordance with faa rules the first two people to the front will be upgraded to first class. attention passengers, due to our policy of over selling flights. >> well, i guess, maybe, that episode titled fear of flying aired in december of 1994. >> thankfully, it did not end, with that. >> no animated character was dragged off the plane. >> true. eli manning, you know him, he is under fire, how he is accused of scamming fans out of getting authentic new york giants gear, if this is true. >> it is shady. >> it is real shady. why bother? i mean he is a millionaire, over and over. speaking of millionaires. >> winning lottery. >> only way i will become one. vanessa: i got hurt and was given painkillers.
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phillies had last night off so today they will play in washington against the nationals, that game will start at 4:05. the sixers season is over and despite ben simmons missing the entire year he said he learned a lot from sitting on
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the bench watching the guys play especially when it comes to learning how to lead. >> how to be a leader, that is really important, especially with the young team, and to be a leader at same time. i didn't play so it is hard to talk to guys in the way, you know, i would if i was playing , so, i think i learned , you know, how to be a leader. >> to the playoff hockey mapel leafs and capitols in game one in overtime tom wilson with the one timer, right there. the capitols will win three- two. to game number one of the predators and black hawks, only one goal in this one, in the first period, victor armis on with the goal, they win one to nothing. that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. i follow this woman on twitter, holy, weather person in cleveland, do you remember john anderson, he used to sit in this chair here. now he works in cleveland, ohio. his co anchor, weather person
6:26 am
is a named holley something. >> okay. >> an italian woman. she tweeted out big weekend for cleveland sports, the cavilers, indian will be playing, the playoffs are happening. >> rubbing it in. >> we have your nba playoffs and nhl playoffs. we've got squat. >> we have a cooler city and better food. >> well, that is true. >> can you say that. >> i will say her, tweet her face off. >> how about this, you knew this was coming, owner of the pittsburgh steelers dan rooney has died. >> son of the founder art rooney he was running team daily operationness 1969 when the franchise won their first super bowl five years later and first franchise in nfl history to win six super bowl titles. but dan rooney is also known as rooney rule, which requires nfl teams with head coach and general manager vacancies to
6:27 am
interview at lee one minority candidate. >> i think numbers are that this season, there will be eight minority head coaches when the season kicks off in the fall. >> started the whole thing with the rooney rule because they were not being interview minorities. >> all right. 6:27. steve keeley lets check with you on the top story this morning. >> well, believe it or not a day after i covered that case in delaware those girls quick of killing another girl by videotaping a beating that ended in the girl death here we are again with another savage beating by girls that they video taped this time in philadelphia.
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mother of all bombs, split is being dereplied in the training video back in 2003. yesterday, it was for real dropped on isis fighters in afghanistan, new details about howie effective it was. and great weather, for an easter egg hunt, why we could see one of the warmest easters , in decade, look at that sunrise. >> that is not a nor'easter. >> picture perfect. >> it is a beautiful easter. >> that is christ church you know. >> yeah. >> popular riverside attraction, opening for another season where you will be able to enjoy spruce street harbor park, alex holley's favorite park in philly, and there may be a new feature beside ham mocks. >> a little bit more.
6:31 am
>> do you get creeped out, some people say they don't like them because they are germ phobia. >> they get in there, maybe have not batted in a few days, maybe some gas issues and then permeated in to the fabric of the actual ham mock. >> got it. >> now i would say, when i swing in the ham mock at spruce street, i dress in a certain outfit. >> gotcha. >> shorts, no. >> no, it is a hazmat suit, it is silver, it is beautiful. it is made of asbestos. >> sue, almost lost it over here. >> well, mike, security dresses me. who are you wearing? home land security. >> it is simple, you don't need accessories or anything, it is lovely, i'm sure. temperatures in the 40's. bus stop buddy added a sweat
6:32 am
shirt to his ensemble today because it is a little boy the cool side. if you are out for a while this morning waiting for your best to go to work, 50 degrees and 7-mile an hour breeze, mostly other temperatures are in the 40's in lancaster it is 43, 43 in allentown, up in the mountains it is in the 30's, we will go over in new jersey in ocean city 46. millville 45 degrees. now, longneck delaware is 46. tour of the region. we have had a little green, white showing up on radar that is disappearing and dissipating if you will and we have a mixture of sun and included to start the day. 67 degrees, seasonal once again, a fine, good friday, weather forecast, and even warmer as we get into easter sunday, bob kelly. >> you may want to just mention kitkat kline's birthday today, she just walk in the studio, yah, happy birthday to kitkat kline. good morning, everybody. live look at route 100, this
6:33 am
is the old construction lines that were put in place doing the road work. even the benny is quiet. so quiet, they have only three lanes coming into philadelphia , either that or guy that runs that zipper machine or two guys that run the zipper machine hit the snooze button this morning. >> yes, go ahead. >> i have a theory on the zipper. >> here we go. >> there may be more people leaving the city for the vacation down the shore. >> who is traffic guy around here. >> this is my theory on the zipper. >> there may be more people leaving philly to go down the shore. then coming into the city because of good friday. >> gotcha. >> you could be on to something there. >> nothing gets by me. >> see that. >> i'm like bernie parent. >> yeah. >> only the lord saves more than bernie parent. >> bin three lanes into philadelphia, no problems on
6:34 am
any other bridge and i think this morning is a light morning rush hour. kid are off from school. good friday. we are beginning the easter weekend. however, i think right after, folks are on the move then and if you are traveling just watch for the conn trucks traffic pattern shuffles here on the turnpike in willow grove, northeast extension but blue route 42 looking good and in problems on mass transit, mike and lauren, back to you. >> video, it is hard to watch another brutal beating caught on cell phone, and they posted it on line for world to watch, teenagers out of control. >> then man, they got beaten up here, shows out of control teens attacking two unsuspecting young people on their first date at a carnival , the victims and their parents calling for justice, steve's on it in hunting park, hi there, steve. >> reporter: i bet mike our viewers say didn't do you this story yesterday in delaware where these girls made
6:35 am
international headlines and killed a girl by videotaping an attack? so yes, it happened again. sound familiar sadly and apparently these girls here in philadelphia that went to this carnival didn't learn any lessons from what happened down in delaware despite all of the coverage and publicity in that case. so, this happens tuesday night at 10, at closing time with this local carnival and look where it is set up. here's most brazen thing or most stupid thing about these girls attacking people at random. it is right across whittaker street from the 24th and 25th police districts. where we are standing on this side of the carnival this is a philadelphia police parking lot there is cops all around us and they decide to come to this carnival and at 10:00 o'clock on a school night still because school not let out for easter break on tuesday just randomly attack people and then videotape it again, and these two, this 15 year-old boy, taking a girl out for the first time, she's just 16, same age by the way
6:36 am
in another coincidence of amy joyner francis girl killed in delaware. first date they end up spending it in the hospital. >> some girl randomly came up behind my girlfriend jayla and she just punched her. >> the whole time i was screaming, stop, stop. i think i blacked out at one point during the fight. all i remember is me a girl from my high school helping me , lifting me up and me gushing blood from my nose and paramedic and her was helping me and walk kneeing st. christopher's emergency room. >> there was so many people, even guys hitting her. >> my head is pounding. i constantly have headaches. it is hard to eat. it is hard for me to sleep. when do i sleep all i can hear is screaming, like stop, stop, stop. >> reporter: i don't know if that comes through completely in this because they don't want vengeance they are thinking these people need
6:37 am
help that did this. look at this 15 year-old boyfriend, first date coming to his girl and date's aid and gets bloodied himself with stitch necessary his forehead now. so the cops tell us this morning that they have been at this carnival with added patrols since this happened and will still be here throughout the easter weekend because people that did this, stupidly, bragged about it with the video on the internet and said they will be back here doing this stuff again. so police are hoping to trace it through the video and also hoping to catch them in the act here if they get a good look in the video which we obviously blurred kid faces from. the other thing is, maybe since parents didn't learn the lesson down in delaware because they didn't teach their kid bit, maybe it is up to the schools to start teaching this and as a sentence, have those girls convicted yesterday go around to other schools and show what happens and how bad things can end when you beat somebody and they end up dying like amy
6:38 am
joyner frances did in delaware >> we will debate that case down in delaware later today, hang around for. that good job. you will be interested in that afghan officials say they have results of the giant bomb that we deployed yesterday, mother of all bombs, resulted in apparently close to 40 deaths, specifically 36 isis fighters are dead. >> bomb was dropped in the tunnel complex used by isis in the eastern region near pakistan border. sabina kuriakose joins lives with more. >> reporter: good morning. the u.s. says goal was to maintain momentum in the fight against the islamic state. they say that is why they used this bomb. now this is military video of that one being tested, it was built in 2003, almost 15 years ago during iraqi war and it has never been used until now. afghan officials say along with three dozen isis fighters that were killed there were several ammunition storage sites destroyed. this latest show of force, by
6:39 am
the trump administration comes a week after the u.s. bombed syria, following a chemical weapons attack there. and local experts here this morning, and, trump administration, and won't hesitate to flex america's military muscle but they agreed that the use of force has to be strategic. >> we have incredible leaders in the military and we have incredible military. we are very proud of them this was a very, very successful mission. >> united states taking fight against isis very seriously in order to defeat the group wye must deny them space, as we did. >> messages are being sent in multiple directions and the take way is that the united states will act with swift vig or and purpose when it chooses too. >> larger question about what are we doing? we are bombing a large number of countries. isis is spreading as a force. one of the questions we have to ask every other question
6:40 am
are attacks look hike strategically using, creating more terrorist then they are stopping? >> now the bomb is officially called the massive ordinance air blast, so it is initial that is led to the nickname mother of all bombs. now it takes out anything, in a 1 mile radius, so right now we are showing you a map of philadelphia to give you context and perspective, on just how powerful this weapon is. using city hall as an epicenter such a weapon would wipe out everything looking at that map from independent mall to 30th street station, river to river and from fairmount to washington avenue. so this morning afghan officials say no civilians were hurt during this strike and now, the discussion is concerning to what all this means for another nation entirely, north korea, we will have much more on that coming up at 7:00. mike and lauren back to you. >> they are threatening to launch a sixth nuclear test. >> right. >> the north koreans, what do
6:41 am
we do about that you? can't place one of those bombs down in the nuclear facility because, well, we will talk bit later. we have an expert coming in. secret service fired two agents for letting a white house fence jumper hang around the ground of the white house for how long, lauren. >> he was on the ground for 15 minutes that rested him last month as he climbed overseer is of gates, and fences and he was on the ground for 15 minutes. they had no idea where he was. now two agents posted close to the breach have been fired, the president was in fact home when this happened. >> fifteen minutesy don't understand that. >> no. >> i cannot find where he is. >> they have secret service agents on the roof of the white house. >> yes. >> spruce street harbor park is coming back for another season. it is all packed there. is that maryann vaughn. >> no. >> super popular in case don't know right along delaware river opening up on may 12th this year guess what you get more of.
6:42 am
>> more ham mock. >> yes, more. >> more cow bell. >> more. >> more cow bell we need more cow bell. >> thank you. more hammocks. >> because people have a hard time finding ones empty. >> true. >> they will have a festival here opening weekend may 12th. there will be food, music, and a petting zoo. >> and a petting zoo. >> so, more hammocks. >> yes, more are coming. super cute when you walk over there couples snuggled up there. >> it is like their date. >> they are on a date, and the cloth of the hammock covers their. >> kissing. >> and loins. >> no, you are pretty much covered up like apapoose. >> yes, you are adult swaddled >> yes. >> that is why i don't get in them. >> you wear your hazmat suit.
6:43 am
>> complete fire retardant hazmat suit. >> there are no fires there. >> in. >> we should go opening day. >> let's do and we need to get in the new hammock before anybody else gets in it. >> that is plan. >> i call them bacteria swings 6:43. eli manning is under fire. >> this could getting youly. >> scaming giants fans out of getting authentic giants gear. >> why even do it though. >> it makes no sense. when we come back we will punch up live shot of the giraffe that is supposed to give birth. >> is she pregnant. >> just drop the kid.
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6:46 am
we have put up this giraffe every day and we will do it until this giraffe, drops a child. >> is what taking so long. >> well, i don't know. sue, is what gestation period of the giraffe. >> fifteen months on average and can get as long as 16. >> there is your problem. >> now they are talking that maybe the time that they
6:47 am
thought conception happened was not the time that it was sometime after that. >> i have never seen giraffes doing it. >> they are very large animals it takes some maneuvering. >> bag full of rakes and sticks. >> just go on you tube. >> it all starts with necking. >> but that was a live shot of the giraffe, after all these months it has learned when to get to the tight shop. >> april is the name. >> she better have this soon. >> she'll have tonight april. >> sue has the app that gives her an alert, bob when the birth begins. >> really. >> sue is staring at that computer screen. >> text alerts. >> we are also looking for a pizza around here tie don't know what happened. >> i'll explain that later.
6:48 am
>> just throwing it out there, a lot going on behind the scenes. >> go ahead. >> we got time. >> no, hold on i want to see the prop and then i'll explain the situation. >> come back to me here. you will be the judge on twit ter. >> utility crews are looking for it in torresdale and linden in northeast philadelphia ben franklin we have volume coming into center city but so far so good. southbound i925 in maryland traveling this morning, an accident all lanes are blocked here, just south, of route two , and then as you come up route 202 from say west chester up toward king of prussia watch for that new construction zone between boot road and route 30 and won't see guys out there over weekend but we will see traffic pattern shuffles, like here along 322 between route one and i-95. peter conn on tail coming to town is what your forecast like. sue has tonight a 15 seconds
6:49 am
it is 6:49. here is a little crunching the numbers of easter past, warmest easter in the last 20 years was 2011 at 83 degrees. we think we will tie it, maybe beat it this easter. coldest was in 2007, 43 degrees, this is just last 20 years, not ever, but wetest , was 2002 with about .4 of an inch of rain. well, we don't have rain in the forecast, until a little later on. still trying to figure out that is hallow or solid easter bunny but 84 degrees, evening shower, overnight thunderstorm possible, sunrise time is 6:21 going to sun vice services on sunday. watching a little activity way to the north of us on ultimate doppler radar, certainly has not affect our weather, we don't expect it to.
6:50 am
we have a mixture of sun and cloud out there this morning and future cast shows, that the rain shouldn't move in with a warm front on saturday but we will have cloud, it is not until sunday night that we will see rain from a cold front that will cool us down on easter monday. we put all that together. fifty-seven today, 66 tomorrow eighty-four on sunday. we call this excellent. and chance of april showers by wednesday and thursday of next week. mike and lauren, back to you. >> hey sue. >> yes. >> i look forward to the pinterest, you know that. >> 9:00 o'clock hour. >> i cannot wait. >> hi, sue. >> eli manning is reportedly being accused of taking part in an alleged scheme. >> he is selling falsely labeled new york giants gear according to the new york post , they have court documents that claim quarterback sent an e-mail to his equipment manager. it says quote helmets that can
6:51 am
pass as game used, that is what he asks for. >> this is ridiculous. >> no one has said anything yet but if he did that, for what? >> well, there is more value, of course, to a helmet that he wore that has stains on it, like painted grass stains or grass stains. >> fingerprints. >> sure, you would pay more for that helmet. >> but my question is why can't he just give up the actual helmet if he need it for something? >> what? >> he wants to sell them for a profit. >> yes. >> he is a millionaire many times over, why bother. it is so stupid. >> i don't get it. >> it is true. >> right. >> you know what i should do. >> what? >> i can sell ties or my pants that i wear while anchoring "good day philadelphia". >> if you sell your shirts we would know, because is there make up stains is there make up today. >> a little bit. >> what i could do is get 50
6:52 am
white shirts and have intern put make up on the colors. >> and pretend they are the ones i wear on the show. >> cashing in. >> boom. >> are we taking a break here. >> we have a pizza box controversy and i need your opinion on twit tore solve this thing. one of our producers, she thinks she's right. >> you are not right you cannot make me mad
6:53 am
6:54 am
apparently, people think i'm too perky. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548!
6:55 am
whoo! i mean, whoo. she cannot upset me. >> what did she come down here and sayy will not allow her to upset me. >> her name is sony a producer , the poor thing is here all night long. let's punch up the news room. we're down here on the ground floor. that is the news room. she's in one of the cubicles there, crisscrossing the news room. >> yes. >> well, at 1:00 in the morning she ordered a pizza. they get hungry overnight. it was baked oven fresh. >> at 1:00. >> where sit. >> where are we. >> so a couple of pieces are left. i come in at 5:00. i sit at the same desk. now this pizza desk was sitting on the cubicle. >> on top. >> i did pass it when i got here at 3:00. >> you know what you must do
6:56 am
when you walk by a pizza box see if there is anything left. there was some food left. it is 5:00 in the morning. i picked it up, off the top of cubicle where i now work, and i took it over about 10 feet away and put it on a recycling bin that is blue, it is a trash can. >> it is not blue. >> which one difficult put it on. >> the trash can. >> because wouldn't you think, themselves. >> oh, yeah. >> oh, really. >> so she's griping at me and doesn't want to put on camera because shy didn't get her hair did, so who is right. >> you have to decide was mike wrong for moving it out of his way, to the side or sony right he should have never touched her pizza box. >> let me make some clarifications. >> it looks like trash, if you talk you need to be on camera i won't be on camera. let's make clarifications did you ask hospice a box.
6:57 am
>> don't show her she will get mad. >> did you ask. >> no, we're busy crafting a newscast for four hours. >> what am i doing at 4:00 hot morning, busy crafting the show i have watched the 4:00 o'clock. what are you doing? >> serenity now. >> we have turned to twitter, who is right, sony or is it me >> all i ask. >> quick break we will be right back horns on their helmets.
6:58 am
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